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ipcenter on a fact-finding mission to Algeria

ipcenter General Manager, Mr. Laszlo Kovacs and Head of IPU, Ms. Roxana Weiss-Anton had the opportunity to participate in a fact-finding mission from 14.04-18.04.2018 to Algeria.

In a fast-paced and globalised world,

education has become the key factor in fulfilling the aspirations and well-being of people everywhere.

– Laszlo Kovacs

Konrad Adenauer captures this sentiment perfectly and succinctly: “We all live under the same sky, but we do not all see the same horizon.”

A lack of perspective is most often than not linked to a lack of education. Launching from this ethos, and based upon our vast range of corporate expertise and project portfolio, we are keen to be part of the new education trend that is facing industry 4.0., which marks a shift away from exhausted education, to a use of more efficient practicum-linked solutions.

We have successfully grown structurally in our core regions – South East Europe and Africa – by assessing the local educational needs, and pursuing our aim to create sustainable solutions in the field of youth and adults’ education. Our project ideas mirror our dedication to finding innovative solutions, as well as our intimate understanding for the various problems that youth, as well as adults, are facing today.