about us

International Projects Unit

ipcenter.at is an experienced training provider with a strong international orientation. Our experience and competence make us a qualified and demanded partner in international education projects. Over the years, we have formed a strong international partner network, with which we are implementing innovative labour market projects.

In 2017, we bundled our international experiences into a dedicated and specialised International Projects Unit (IPU) division in order to implement innovative education projects across Europe.
Our ultimate goal is to create and provide sustainable and innovative vocational education solutions for young people and adults. By analysing the educational needs of various regions, maintaining and coordinating a transnational network of experts and regular exchange with decision-makers and stakeholders, we provide a forum for transfer of know-how in transnational and international education projects throughout Europe. We offer classical as well as technology-based education methods.
Additionally, together with our affiliated companies Wifi Hungária and B&B Germany, we successfully implement innovative consulting and education projects for the labour market in Western and Eastern Europe.


Education is today, more than ever the fundamental factor in creating equal opportunities, economic growth and social cohesion. In all of our international projects, we focus on capacity building activities, for all age groups, and we strive to achieve common and sustainable progress. Our experts offer advanced consulting and training solutions that are well suited to regional and individual needs. Supported by our global network, we consistenly work with a flexible and innovative approach.

Solution-oriented and competent

As one of the leading companies in the field of vocational education and training, ipcenter.at leans on more than 20 years of experience and ongoing presence in the market. Our innovative concepts harmonize with companies on topics such as personnel development, provide training and support for jobseekers in the application processes. A special concern to us is also the support for young people, which we provide through on house various apprenticeships, so that they successfully obtain their qualifications.

Individual and customer-oriented

Companies find in us an education partner with tailor-made, flexible and fast educational solutions in which training contents, methodologies and lecturers are coordinated according to their needs. We develop individual strategies and concepts that are based on the actual needs of our customers. Whether training, workshop, e-learning or competence analysis: We accompany our customers professionally with each step.

We support institutions in the social and labor market environment with counseling, education and training programs. Through our innovative approaches and our outstanding quality standards implemented by our dedicated team, we set ourselves apart from other providers. The variety of contents we provide ranges from youth education (various apprenticeships) and language courses (German, English) to user training (ECDL, SAP) with a specific orientation and activation offers.

Creative and innovative

Our main location is also a place for art and culture in professional and everyday life: the ip.forum has created a platform that successfully combines education, work, art and society. The ip.forum, under the direction of curator and art historian Gabriele Baumgartner, actively brings cultural aspects into the lives of customers, partners and employees of ipcenter.at. The regular events of exhibitions and readings, discussions and studio visits offer the opportunity to meet artists and their works in an informal setting and to exchange ideas with art lovers. This opens up new perspectives, which are also reflected in our daily activities. Not only internal creative processes are accompanied by artists, but also our premises regularly receive a new face.