Brain Drain Causes Shortage of Skilled Labour in Eastern Europe

Senior Project Manager Andreas Polsterer from ipcenter International Project attended a SECI conference hosted by OSCE dealing with “Brain Drain” in SEE/CEE countries, which was held in Vienna on October 7, 2019.

The event dealt with the effects of skilled migration from Eastern and Southeastern Europe into the EU, and with economic, political, social and human effects of this process, while also looking into potential ways to address and improve the situation.

Ever since the collapse of the European block system, migration processes have brought skilled and mobile parts of the CEE/SEE population into Western Europe, leading to further difficulties and strains for the social and economic development process of the sending countries. Also, a constantly high net migration since 1989 has created difficulties for the hosting countries, with increased competition for available jobs (skilled and unskilled) setting up preconditions for socio-economic conflicts and political radicalisation.

European and national state actors and institutions are trying to improve the situation in SEE/CEE by providing technical assistance, funding, access to knowledge and technologies, in order to allow those states to develop into more developed counties and to build up local labour markets. Among other things, knowledge transfer, access to education and mutual learning were identified as key ingredients to improve the situation together.

The conference was a forum for international experts from a wide range of fields to discuss challenges and potential remedies, present practical success stories and give a perspective how the continent should deal with the issue of “brain drain mitigation” for mutual benefit. has a vested interest in positive development of SEE/CEE countries and used the event for networking, presenting our expertise and references and talk with potential new project partners, thematic experts and clients.

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