EUpTrain – Transnational knowledge exchange between trainers of low-skilled adults in multiple European countries

The objective of EUpTrain is to create a transnational network between Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Romania in order to share Europe-wide knowledge between organisations specialised in adult education through exchange of experts and the development of a sustainable handbook comprising transnational good practices and methods for trainers working with low-skilled adults. The target group of this project are trainers of low-skilled adults, with at least 2 years of working experience (certified language trainers AND a) trainers in adult education OR b) trainers in cultural integration and orientation OR c) trainers for basic skills). EUpTrain implementation is carried out in a spirit of professionalism, open communication and trust between partners, with a strong commitment to cooperation, knowledge-exchange, well-defined roles and responsibilities related to the division of tasks. All requirements for monitoring, evaluation and feedback are taken care of to ensure the quality of the final results and partnership.

EUpTrain activities include:
= 3 transnational project meetings attended by a total of 16 experts (8 trainers and 8 project managers)
= one knowledge exchange workshop with the main goal to filter out examples of good practices from all participating organisations and to show international differences, new
opportunities, new ways of work and different methodologies in training of low-skilled adults (16 trainers and 8 project managers with pedagogical background)
= based on the workshop results: creation of a handbook (translated to all partner languages and English) containing 16 best practices, 2 from each country and 8 methodologies

The results of EUpTrain will be a handbook (translated into 8 languages) containing the results of knowledge-exchange activities, specifically a collection of concrete examples of international best practice examples and methodologies for trainers working with low-skilled adults. This varied collection of best practices and methodologies is making the project results valuable for other European countries as well. The handbook will be accessible online and free of charge for all partners and other organisations. Through the dissemination of the handbook, trainers who work with low-skilled adults in all of Europe who are not participating in this project, will also benefit from the project results and will be able to increase their knowledge and expertise. Additionally, the creation of a transnational network between the partner organisations will ensure the sustainability of the project results. The overall aim of the project is to promote networking and synergy-creation on European level and to increase the knowledge exchange and the collaboration of trainers working with low-skilled adults and of organisations in the field of adult education in Europe. The mid-term impact is to establish synergies and to build bridges between these different organisations with the resulting long-term impact to contribute in this way to increase the education level and therefore lower the unemployment rates of low-skilled adults in Europe.

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