FINPractice: Ceremonial handover of technical equipment in Moldova

Within our FINPractice project, the ceremonial handover of the technical equipment for the financial center took place on June 12, 2018, in Chişinău, as our partner Callidus reports in social networks:

 „Students from the Center of Excellence in Economy and Finance in Moldova want to become professionals in strengthening our partner country‘s financial sector. They’ve come one step closer to their goal recently when the Center received 12 new laptops and one projector financed by Austria. The Austrian Embassy Chișinău and ADA’s local office in Chisinau handed over the new equipment. Keep it up! We’re happy to know that this will make a difference in improving the students’ skills and qualification”, says our partner Viorica Corlat-Turcan from Callidus Moldova.


“Signing”: Christine Freilinger (Ambassador, Austrian Embassy), Vera Sirbu (Vice Director CoE), Alexander Karner (ADA Chisinau), Angela Cutasevici (Staatssekretärin für Bildung, Republik Moldau), Peter Hronovsky (Grawe), Viorica Corlat-Turcan (Callidus Moldova)


 “Handshake”: Viorica Corlat- Turcan (Callidus Moldova), Roxana Weiss-Anton (ipcenter), Christine Freilinger (Ambassador, Austrian Embassy), Angela Cutasevici (Staatssekretärin für Bildung, Republik Moldau), Alexander Karner (ADA Chisinau), Vera Sirbu (Vice Director CoE), Peter Hronovsky (Grawe)


Main entrance – Center of Excellence (CoE) in Economics and Finance