IPCENTER.AT at the Quality Conference – “Q-Fest”

The Q-Fest conference, dedicated to industry quality standards, took place in Republika Srbska, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 18 October 2017 for the first time. The organiser this year was the University of East Sarajevo‘s mechanical engineering faculty.

Participants included international representatives from the Engineering Universities from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Canada, Portugal, Austria, Spain and Poland, as well as business representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, heads of local development, innovation and agricultural agencies attended.

Mr. Georg Richter, Regional Manager SSEE, represented the ipcenter.at and presented the company’s services in the area of ​​vocational training for adults and adolescents, as well as the international projects currently being run by the ipcenter.at.

In addition to the presentation, Mr. Richter also showcased the ipcenter.at to business representatives and public business development agencies in the town hall of East Sarajevo. The ipcenter.at was also on show to media representatives.

Participants in anticipation of Georg Richter‘s (ipcenter.at) presentation at the Q-Fest conference.
Ipcenter.at presentation: right in the picture is the head of a development agency based in East Sarajevo
Mr Richter during his presentation in the city hall of East Sarajevo.
The many facets of the ipcenter.at were showcased in all presentations at the conference.