IPCENTER.AT presents itself at the round table of “Dual education in Croatia”

On 18 October, 2017, ipcenter.at had the opportunity to participate in the roundtable at ‚dual education in Croatia.‘ This event was organised by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. Alongwith Austrian and Croatian business leaders from a diverse array of industries, numerous directors from Croatian professional schools took part. ‚Dual education‘ is currently a major topic in Croatia, as the vocational school system is currently undergoing major reforms to meet the modern requirements of the economy. As part of the roundtable, ipcenter.at was able to present their offer – alongside Wifi International and the adult education center, Callidus – to train employees based on their needs, irrespective of the current curriculum reform, in order to quickly provide skilled workers to companies.

Ipcenter.at presented three options: qualification associations, University-level training companies, and integration projects that would aim to integrate minorities into the labour market.

At the networking buffet, good contacts were made with representatives from the tourism industry, and other industries who are interested in working with ipcenter.at.

In addition to the regional director for SSEE, ipcenter.at was also represented by the Head of IPU, Ms. Roxana Weiss-Anton.

The previous evening, colleagues also attended the Austrian National Day reception, which was attended by political representatives, alongwith representatives of the Austrian economy that are based in Croatia.

Georg Richter (ipcenter.at); Rudolf Kottbauer (WIFI); Sonja Holocher-Ertl (WKO) and Carmen Tariba (Callidus)


Presentation by ipcenter.at
Peter Zaruba (EVN); Sonja Holocher-Ertl (WKO); Georg Richter and Roxana Weiss-Anton (ipcenter.at)