ipcenter at „Wirtschaftsmission – Industrie 4.0 Projekte Kroatien“

On September 25th 2019, ipcenter had the opportunity to participate at the Economic Mission “Industry 4.0 – projects in Croatia”, organised by the Austrian chamber of Commerce in Zagreb.

At this event, Austrian companies had the opportunity to present their products/services/projects concerning the challenges that Industry 4.0 puts in front of all stakeholders, especially in the production industry. Represented by Mr. Richter, Senior Project Manager of ipcenter International Project Unit took the opportunity to present two of its international projects, both dealing with the development of new vocational education training curricula and promotion of jobs in the production industry. The projects aim to motivate young people to choose a career path as qualified workers in the production industry and to offer educational programs, which are state-of-the-art and answer to the needs of the labour market.

After the company presentation a B2B session was organised, where Mr. Richter met potential project partners from HEI´s (e.g. University Osijek, faculty of electrical engineering, computer science and information technology), Croatian Employers`Association, Incubator for Start up´s and other interesting organisations.

Now we are looking forward to organize the first projects with our new potential partners.