July 2017 – June-2019


The aim of the project is to develop a training center (a specialised academy) for the automotive sector in Serbia, which is part of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Department of Education).


To improve Southern Serbia’s economic situation, the automotive industry’s supply sector plays a promising role as a sector with complex technology. Firms in this sector have a significant growth potential and generally offer good employment opportunities, also for women. They offer above average conditions for those affected by unemployment in the least developed regions. However, a prerequisite of a certain qualification level is required of the potential workforce.

The TechAK project contributes to the convergence of the developed and disadvantaged regions with the opportunities offered by the automotive sector. The TECHAK Headquarter is to be set up and implemented in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (Department of Education), which is supported by international expert institutions, such as BFI, Callidus and Weidinger & Partner, who carry out further training in NIS.