TOPPlant – Trainers for Plant Protection in Organic Farming

TOPPlant Project is funded under the Erasmus+ KA202 – Strategic Partnership for vocational education and it is currently in implementation. TOPPlant is dealing with the topic of organic farming which is more than just production without the use of chemicals, it is the cultivation of foods while incorporating the results of present developments in agricultural science.

Producing organically is undoubtfully different from conventional production methods, as it is practiced on a controlled field while applying pre-specified rules as well as documenting all stages of production. To become successful in the field of organic farming professional knowledge and practical experience are of outmost importance. These skills can be acquired by participating in practical vocational educational trainings. Within the TOPPlant project a innovative methodological curriculum, a comprehensive training ,anual, crop specific guidelines for four countries will be developed, as well as a interactive e-learning tool which will make the theoratical part of the training available on smart-phone. By implementing its innovative methodological curriculum andconducting pilot trainings with personnel identified by project partners: NAIK Hungary, BC NAKLO Slovenia and University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture, the need for specialised training in this field will be covered. Furthermore, all the nascent learning material will be made available to ipcenter and biohelp in Austria as well, who will use the material for advising of organic farmers and to enrich their vocational training offer. The innovation of TOPPlant is found in its focus on a methodological approach where trained facilitators help the learning process of organic farmers., and in making the innovative training content available via an e-learning tool that can be accessed by smart phone.

Additionally, TOPPlant supports the development of cooperative agricultural production in different regions, especially by means of intensive counselling in biological plant protection, production techniques and quality management. Understanding and exploring the challenges organic farmers face forms the building block of TOPPlant trainings. In turn, various learning techniques are implemented so that suitable and diverse learning opportunities are presented to the farmers. Ultimately, TOPPlant contributes to a better and healthier environment, by encouraging sustainable and clean agriculture.

More information about the TOPPlant here.