Using the Full Potential of Digitalisation

The Austrian telecom company held a “Connect Business Forum” on October 23 in Vienna. The event dealt with the topic of using the potential and chances of digitalisation, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Andreas Polsterer, Senor Project Manager from ipcenter´s International Project Unit participated in the conference, in order to receive information about new trends/issues in digitalisation and get in touch with network contacts and innovative experts.

Keynotes and expert inputs dealt with megatrends in digital issues such as automatisation, smart cities, the “internet of things” and future potentials of nanotechnology and AI. Network connections and digital knowledge are key factors for SMEs to thrive in the new digital environment and to deal with challenges like security, faster product innovation and ever faster business cycles.

The disruptive nature of digitalisation has great potential for SMEs, but entails a steep learning curve and a challenging situation for them as well. Therefore, state institutions like the Austrian Digitalisation Agency (DIA – offer a wide range of support measures and training/funding vehicles to help deal with the new situation. Austria has achieved some progress in digitising its economy and also has some (but not enough) innovative start-ups, but there is still quite a lot of potential to improve the “digital awareness” a lack of innovation and risk-friendly corporate culture – all of which is necessary to ensure sustainable growth and to create work opportunities for the future.

ipcenter and its partner companies are well positioned to support and use the digitalisation of Austrian small and medium enterprises – in this regard, the event was very useful for networking, learning and information purposes.

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