Virtual Reality Meets Education

On June 23rd, ipcenter hosted its first Virtual Reality Meets Education Event in Vienna, where specialists where invited to share their expertise on the topic, create a platform for discussion and offered participants the opportunity to actively try out the gadgets for themselves. team member taking a VR journey through the human body

Nowadays, Virtual Reality has become increasingly relevant in many sectors and remains a field subjected to growth. Big players are actively researching technologies for this industry. Nevertheless, how can this change the education sector?

At the VR event, the innovative companies Responsive Spaces Ltd. and accilium Ltd. provided insightful information on the basic workings of Virtual Reality. Responsive Spaces Ltd. and accilium Ltd. in cooperation with Arthur Technologies Ltd. presented their technologies and discussed opportunities, risks and the possible application of such technologies in the education sector.

Alexander Hotowy (accilium Ltd. left), Roxana Weiss-Anton (, DI (FH) Markus Pargfrieder (Responsive Spaces Ltd.), Katharina Tentschert (Moderator), Laszlo Kovacs (

DI (FH) Markus Pargfrieder offered his detailed expertise on the subject of knowledge transfer through Virtual Reality. Followed by Alexander Hotowy who shared his knowledge on the advantages, growth opportunities and application examples of Virtual Reality.

Insightful information about the risks of VR by DI (FH) Markus Pargfrieder

Overall, Virtual Reality offers great opportunities for the education sector in terms of cost reduction and learning possibilities. If you can dream it – VR can make it.