WKO Asia – Strategical thinking

On 20 January 2020 the Austrian Chamber of Commerce organised an international conference on strategic business perspectives with the focus on Asia.
As the current booming region, Asia is affected by and leading in global mega trends like the newest technologies, climate issues, urbanisation and the need for new education and economic models. Austrian and Asian experts and entrepreneurs participated in the conference and exchanged ideas, experiences and future opportunities.
The conference covered topics like: digitalisation, energy issues, current economic developments and case studies for successful Austrian Businesses in Asia.
Colleagues of the International Project Unit of ipcenter.at attended this inspiring meeting to gain first-hand insight into current issues and meet representatives of the new generation of government and business leaders. Since Asia is one of the focus regions of IPU, the conference was a valuable opportunity for networking, finding new contacts and exchanging future project ideas.

Further information about the conference: