IDA – Integration durch Austausch

Adult mobility in the Erzgebirge – integration through exchange

Project goal was to offer unemployed young adults from Saxony the possibility to undertake an internship in Austria to increase their employment opportunities. The focus is also on the exchange of know-how, experience and solutions, with experts and actors in regional labour market policy, who are part of the transnational partner network. The result was the high employability rate of the participants within a few months following the project’s completion. The partnership also organized internships for the participants in their home countries and gave the trainees the necessary support with regards to the local authorities, accommodation, etc.

consortium: Duvier Consult (Germany), Salus Oss (Netherlands) and AMOS Kadan (Czech Republic)

implementation period: 01.04.2010 – 30.04.2012


Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic